Improving Literary Skills

Improving Literacy Teaching Skills


The basic objective of improving literacy teaching skills is for the teacher to ensure the pupils understand and analyze text and sounds while also improving their confidence, competence and efficacy.


The power of literacy lies not only in the ability to read and write but rather in an individual’s capacity to put the skills to work in shaping the course of his/her own life.

The improving literacy teaching skills training by GFR Educational services Limited is designed to bring about change in the approach to literacy teaching methods with emphasis on independent and integrated approach to learning, innovative and insightful whole school approach that promotes literacy achievement.

The programme will help the teacher to:

  • Understand the benefit of learning and exploring key literacy skills and strategies.
  • Experience a variety of literacy activities.
  • Build up a bank of ‘ready to go’ learning activities.
  • Acquire the tools to develop his/her activities which are easy to plan, resource and assess.
  • Get pupils thinking differently about literacy.

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