The tested and trusted way to improve IQ and never stop learning

The tested and trusted way to improve IQ and never stop learning

Contrary to the belief held for a long time that brain growth stopped at birth, science later established, that brain cells actually grow, and they grow due to learning. It is now known, that although most of the neurons where information is stored are present at birth, there is lifelong growth of the support and connecting cells that enrich the communication between neurons. These dendrites sprout from the arms (axons) or the cell body of the neuron, and, they increase in size and number in response to learned skills, experience, and information. New dendrites also grow as branches from frequently activated neurons. (Willis, Judy 2006)

Effective methods of knowledge acquisition is another area that has been researched extensively over the years. It is equally important to know how to effectively acquire and make profitable use of knowledge. Several methods have been developed over the years for the purpose of knowledge acquisition and retention, and one of these many methods, has consistently been around for many years.  The statement “While we teach, we learn,” made by the Roman philosopher, Seneca, expresses it aptly. For thousands of years, people have known that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. Now this ancient wisdom is being updated, as scientists are documenting exactly why teaching is such a fruitful way to learn.

Researchers have found that students work harder to understand, recall more accurately and apply their materials more effectively when they are enlisted to tutor others. Student teachers are often found to score higher on tests than other students learning only for their own sake, and Educators are experimenting with ways to employ this method. For example, A “cascading mentoring program” at the University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A engages college undergraduates to teach computer science to high school students, who in turn instruct middle school students on the topic.

The emotions elicited by teaching also makes it such a powerful vehicle for learning. I know for a fact that I understand and perform better at tasks where I have had the opportunity to teach others. Teaching it usually gives it a new life, lights up your eyes as though you are beginning to see things from a new position, where you see more clearly and are able to understand better. Your mind feels like it is opening up to more ideas as you creatively find ways to explain this knowledge you must pass across to your listeners. New revelations make their ways to your mind and it feels like it has expanded with an attendant sense of possibilities.

Teaching is a sure way to learn, just as giving makes room for getting.

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